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Hey Sparky!  Looks like you want to sign up as a CGC Preferred Electrician!


Sign up and we'll start sending YOU work!   You can be as picky as you choose since we let you select the type of projects that best suit your skills.  There's no commitment on your part until you accept the job and signing up is FREE (for a limited time) so there's no risk to you!

... Are you a trained and certified electrician?   How are you at working at heights?  Maybe you have a team of people you work with...

Start your application now!

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CGC Preferred Vendors are all fully trained and experienced professionals in all their fields.  Since we're pretty picky about who we work with, we make sure that all of our Vendors go through a meticulous application process.  Are you a designer?  Are you an established print shop? Are you a graphic installer?  Maybe you're an electrician?  Sign up today to join our National team!

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