Removal of existing graphics has a lot of unknowns. You may be asked to remove someone else’s work. Ask yourself:

- What is being removed?  And from what substrate?

- How long have the graphics been on the substrate?

- If removing rigid signage, What gets done with them after? (I.e. Dispose, Ship).

- If shipping, where to?  Is there any special packing instructions?

- If graphics have already been removed, is there any adhesive left?

- Was any primer, adhesive promoter, glue, or double-sided tape used? If Yes, have I accounted for an extra cost?

- Will we require a chemical to remove?  If so, have we tested it first?

- Are chemical fumes a concern?  If so, is there proper ventilation?

- If removing vinyl, does it have a vinyl laminate or liquid laminate? If liquid, Have I accounted for an extra cost?

- Is any repair work scheduled after the removal?

- If the repair involves repaint, has enough cure time been given before proceeding with installation?

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