Training & Certification

The Canadian Graphic Contractors take learning to the next level!  All of our Preferred Vendors carry all the up to date certifications for their field of work. 


Are you looking for some professional training in your field? 


Maybe you're struggling to wrap your head around a project and just need some advice... Well, our consultants are here to offer you some reprieve.   


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- TIME:  2 DAYS 

- Maximum attendees:  5 Technicians

- Classroom & dedicated hands-on instruction by a CGC Certified Instructor.

- Written and hands-on test and certification

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- TIME:  2 DAYS 

- Maximum attendees:  20 people

- Classroom & dedicated hands-on instruction by 2 CGC Certified Instructors.

- Written and hands-on test and certification


A FREE online course designed for people in sales.  Ask yourself 99 questions to avoid 99 mistakes!!!

A FREE online guide to avoid costly mistakes for projects requiring wet application.

If you want to find out about some of the other training and certifications the CGC team carries please see the section under SAFETY

Think you have what it takes to join our national team?