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Logo & Identity


Starting a new business and need a fresh website?  Let us help you bring your brand to the world wide web today!  Custom websites can help get you noticed!

3) Send a clear message by keeping your look and messaging consistent.  

1) First, let's make sure your domain (website/company name) is available.

2) You will need a nice logo for your website, we can help!

Content & Links

Supplying the right content for your website is easy with our simple to use file sharing system.  Drive your web traffic through strategic links.


1) Share your contact information, company details, term & conditions, 

2) Share high quality copy-write free photos and/or videos

3) Integrate with other platforms, CRM, Calendars, Email, Etc...

Updating & Hosting

Let's make sure that your content is always up to date by getting us to host your site once it's built.  Easily upload new content to your secure link and see changes in as little as 24 hours.


1) Upload important updates to your website through your secure link.

2) Let us help you stay up to date by making any adjustments for you.

3) Read our terms and conditions for more details

* Custom Websites from CGC start at $499 CAD.  Includes 1 landing page with up to 5 links.  Up to 3 free basic revisions.  Price does not include paid applications/integrations or domain names.  Get a FREE 20 minute consultation now to discuss your options. Additional pages available at a rate of $499 per page.

Fine Print - Websites
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