Working at heights (Above 9 feet) requires proper training and certification. Safety is important in this area. Think about the following:

- Am I familiar with the local laws regarding working at heights? Are my installers familiar?

- Do I require any permits?

- Has the equipment been checked to verify its conditions?

- If required, have we reviewed and implemented proper safety plans? (see Safety)

- LADDERS:   Will I require a person on the ground to hold the ladder?

- SCAFFOLDING:  Have I hired a trained and certified Scaffold erector for the project?

- AERIEL LIFTS:  Has the lift been properly scoped out for the project?

- Will the ground support the weight from the lift? Is it flat & level?

- Will the lift fit through the access points?

- Is a road closure required?

- SWING STAGE:  Is an existing swing stage available?

- Have I accounted for an additional ground person for safety?

- Has the sidewalk been zoned off?

- CRANES:  Is a road closure required?

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