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Wrap Training -  Individuals

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  This course is designed for INDIVIDUALS wanting to learn new skills in the vehicle graphics and wrap industry.  Learn the latest tips and tricks being used by the top installers in the world.  Learn how to wrap vehicles using materials like 3M and Avery.  Learn about Knifeless tape, Warranty, Expectations, After care, Etc.

Our Trainers have years of experience teaching this course to sign shops across the country and have all the top certifications in Canada.  Just fill out the application form below to get an estimate. 

- Time:  2 DAYS

- Date:  TBD . (first course April 2019, 2nd June 2019 in Calgary Alberta)

- Maximum attendees:  20 Individuals

- Classroom & dedicated hands-on instruction by a CGC Certified Instructor.

- Written, Hands-on test & Certification

- Cost: Course $659.00  Optional Certification $159.00


DAY 1 

(8AM - 10AM).  2 hour classroom session.  Applicants are provided a binder with various material specs, and course material.  Discuss pre-project items, installer thumb rules, material characteristics and techniques, vehicle teardown and prep, any wrap related FAQs,


(10AM - 11AM).   1 hour demonstration by CGC Certified Instructor.


(11AM - 12PM).   1 hour hands on practice

(12PM - 1PM).   LUNCH  -  (Supplied by CGC)

(1PM - 5PM).   4 hours hands on practice and instruction






(8AM - 9AM).   1 hour classroom session to discuss yesterdays wins and losses.  Discuss,  Warranty,  Reputation,  FAQs,  Business fundamentals

(9AM - 10AM).   1 hour demonstration by CGC Certified Instructor.

(10AM - 12PM).   2 hours hands on practice

(12PM - 1PM).   LUNCH  -  (Supplied by CGC)

(1PM - 5PM).   4 hours hands on practice and instruction completing the demo vehicles.


(5:00PM - 8:00PM.   TESTING & CERTIFICATION.  Only Registered Applicants to complete.




** Testing and Certification**  This is a CGC Course & Certification and the applicants must still pass the CGC TEST to be Certified.  The TEST is both hands on as well as written.  Certifications are valid for TWO years.  Renewals available thereafter.  Certifications can be revoked by CGC at any time given due cause. 


HANDS ON: Participants must successfully execute installation of 1X door, 1X mirror and 1X fender in the time allotted. Participants must also successfully complete a knife pressure test & 3M Knifeless test  TIME: 2 hours 45 mins. ( counts for 65% of the total score)


WRITTEN: 30 multiple choice questions. TIME: 15 mins  ( counts for 35% of the final score )


Minimum Score to Pass the CGC TEST: 90%

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Thanks for submitting!

Think you have what it takes to join our national team?  

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