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There are far more than 99 reasons a project could go sideways. Just ask yourself 99 Questions to avoid 99 mistakes!  Choose from the categories below to cover subjects relative to your project.

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  It has been said that the best teachers ask the best questions, so there are no answers here! By using this guide your way of thinking will change, your projects will flow more smoothly, your profit margins will increase, your client relations will improve and your team will love you.  


What we have discovered over the years is that the advertising industry is a very REACTIVE world, with extremely tight timelines and high client expectations.  So we, the team at Canadian Graphic Contractors, developed a tool that anyone can use to help PROACTIVELY control the outcome of their projects, before finding themselves in the oh too common... stressful situation.


The questions in this guide have been broken down into basic categories for easy reference. Remember, the more answers you get at the onset of the project the better your project will turn out.  Please help us improve the content by submitting new questions so that we can ensure the guide is always up to date.   Enjoy!

Key Information

- Whom am I billing for this project?

- Have we agreed to a price?

- If so, has a Purchase Order (PO) been issued?

- What is the deadline for the project?

- Is this a short or long-term installation?

- What is the address of the project location?

- Is a SITE SURVEY required?  Have I accounted for the extra cost?

- Is PPE (safety gear) required?  Yes?  What kinds?

- Is a site orientation required? Have I accounted for the extra cost?

- Is any special documentation required? (I.e. safety, certifications, insurance, WCB,  security check, permits)

- Can the project be done during the day? If not, have I accounted for the extra cost? (see NIGHT WORK)

- Who is the site contact?

- Who is the emergency contact?

- What are their phone numbers?

- Is there a clear blueprint, floor plan, and layout with proper measurements?

- Are there any photos of the project site or vehicle?

- How are the graphics getting to the job site?

- What is the tracking number?    Who is the courier?

- Are there any graphics or project items missing?

- Are the graphics clearly marked and labeled?

- Are there any existing graphics to remove? (See REMOVALS)

- Is there a local garbage drop?

- Is there a sign-off sheet for the project?

- What anticipated challenges may arise with this project?


Floor graphics

- What type of material is the graphic produced on? (I.e. 3M floor graphic, Alumafoil, ETC.)

- What is the product code? (Used for warranty)

- Is it in a high-traffic area?  Yes?  Have I accounted for the extra cost? (See NIGHT WORK)

- Is the client aware of the limited warranty due to possible high traffic wear and tear?

- Is it an Interior or Exterior installation?

- If exterior, have I considered weather and temperature? (See WORKING OUTDOORS)

- Will the project area(s) be clean and dry prior to and during installation?


Vehicle graphics

- What type of vehicle? (I.e. Year, Make, Model)

- How many vehicles are in this order?

- What type of Material? (I.e. 3M, Avery, KPMF, Vvivid, Arlon, Etc.)

- Is it a commercial wrap or color change wrap? Do all involved know the difference?

- Has the client been educated on final expectations?

- Are there any existing graphics to remove? (see REMOVING GRAPHICS)

- Is there any vehicle hardware, moldings, or plastics to remove?

- Does it have rivets or other complex components?

- Is there any pre-existing damage to the vehicle? If so, has it been documented?

- Will the vehicle be delivered to the shop clean and dry? If not, is the customer aware of additional cleaning costs?

- Do I have sufficient insurance coverage for vehicles if working in my own shop?

- Will it fit into the space provided? What about through the door?

- Is the space adequate for doing the work properly? Is it dry, clean, and well-lit?

- Are other people doing work in the same shop? How will this affect the project?

- Does the vehicle need to be purged for safety? ( I.e. Gas tanker)

- What is the expected lifetime of the install?


IMG_8350 2.jpg

- Does the project require PPE? If so what kind?

- Is job site clearance required?

- Have I assigned a competent team to my project? Are they equipped with the proper tools?

- Are they properly trained, ticketed, and insured?

- Do I have a completed FLHA or JSA form prior to beginning the project?

- Have I implemented a pre-project tailgate meeting to review the job?

- Am I familiar with the local laws regarding working at heights? (See WORKING AT HEIGHTS)

- Have I pulled any necessary permits? (Road closure, Hot Work, Etc)

- Does the work area need to be barricaded? If so, what type of barricades or safety warnings do we need?

- Are there any other workers on-site? If so, will their work impede ours or vice versa? Do the local authorities need to know about our project?

- Is a criminal record check required?


safety team.jpg
Night work

- Who is the night contact?

- What is his/her phone number?

- Is the project location accessible? (I.e. Is it unlocked?)

- Are there any special instructions for after-hours access?

- What are the time limitations in the evening for the project?

- Has all necessary KEY INFORMATION been shared with the install team?

- Is any additional lighting required on the site?

- Do I have a dedicated night shift install team? If not, have I thought about them being overworked?

- Are there any other contractors working in the area?

- Have I accounted for a prorated installation rate?


Rigid graphics

- What type of signage is being installed? (Banner, Sign w/ frame, Stand-Off Signage, Etc.)

- If BANNER, What type of banner is it? (SEG, Indoor, Outdoor, Building Wrap, Etc.)

- Is the banner grommeted? Is it hemmed? Does it have sleeves for poles? Is it properly rated for a specific use?

- What type of SIGN W/ FRAME is it? (Plastic, Metal, Etc)

- If STAND-OFF SIGNAGE, has a wall template been provided?

- What type of mounting system is required? (Double stick tape, Screws, Bolts, Aircraft cable, Etc.)


- Is the mounting hardware included?

- What substrate are we mounting to?

- Is it properly secured?

- Can it support the weight?

- Are any special tools required? (Power Tools, Hand Tools, Etc.)

- Is there a nearby power source?

- Is special engineering required?

- Are there any electrical components?

- How large are the graphics?

- How heavy are the graphics?

- How are they being delivered?

- Is an aerial lift required? (See WORKING AT HEIGHTS)

- How many technicians do we require for a safe execution?


Graphic Removal

- What is being removed?  And from what substrate?

- How long have the graphics been on the substrate?

- If removing rigid signage, What gets done with them after? (I.e. Dispose, Ship).

- If shipping, where to?  Is there any special packing instructions?

- If graphics have already been removed, is there any adhesive left?

- Was any primer, adhesive promoter, glue, or double-sided tape used? If Yes, have I accounted for an extra cost?

- Will we require a chemical to remove?  If so, have we tested it first?

- Are chemical fumes a concern?  If so, is there proper ventilation?

- If removing vinyl, does it have a vinyl laminate or liquid laminate? If liquid, Have I accounted for an extra cost?

- Is any repair work scheduled after the removal?

- If the repair involves repaint, has enough cure time been given before proceeding with installation?


removal shot.jpg
Wall Grapics

- What type of vinyl is being used? (I.e. Cast, Calendared, DiNoc, Phototex, Textured surface film, Wallpaper).

- If Wallpaper, is paste required?

- What is the Product code?

- Is this a long-term or short-term ad campaign?

- Is it an Interior or Exterior installation?

- If Exterior, have I considered weather and/or temperature? (See WORKING OUTDOORS)

- Is the surface primed or painted?

- What type of paint was used?

- Has an adhesion test been completed? If so what were the readings?

- What are the humidity levels and temperature in the project area?

- Is the surface textured?

- Have I considered printing on textured surface film? If so, have I accounted for additional costs?

- Is the surface we are mounting to properly secured?

- Are there any obstacles to work around?

- How high is the highest point of the graphic from the floor?

- Do we need a lift? Have I accounted for additional costs?

- Have I talked with my installer(s) regarding this project?


Window graphics

- What type of material is being used? (I.e. Calendared, Cast, Perforated, Phototex, Frosting, Polyester, Static Cling)

- What is the product code?

- Is this a long term or short term ad campaign?

- Is it a wet application or dry application? If wet, is there a local water source?

- First or Second surface? If second, has all back stock been removed?

- Is the glass inside a building (I.e. Office dividers, Glass walls) or is it exterior glass? (see Working Outdoors)

- Is there any security film on the glass? If so, do I know how to proceed?

- Are there any existing graphics to remove? If yes, have I accounted for additional cost?

(see Removing Graphics)

- What is the expected lifetime of install?

- Have I considered 3M Edge Tape on Perf to extend life expectancy? If so, have I accounted for additional costs?

- Are the mullions getting covered?  If so, have I accounted for an additional cost?

- How tall is it? Do we need a lift?  If so, is the ground level? additional cost?

- Have I talked with my installer(s) regarding this project? Is any of the glass damaged? (I.e. broken, cracked)

- Is the area clear and safe for work?


Working @ Heights

- Am I familiar with the local laws regarding working at heights? Are my installers familiar?

- Do I require any permits?

- Has the equipment been checked to verify its conditions?

- If required, have we reviewed and implemented proper safety plans? ( see SAFETY )

- LADDERS:   Will I require a person on the ground to hold the ladder?

- SCAFFOLDING:  Have I hired a trained and certified Scaffold erector for the project?

- AERIAL LIFTS:  Has the lift been properly scoped out for the project?

- Will the ground support the weight from the lift? Is it flat & level?

- Will the lift fit through the access points?

- Is a road closure required?

- SWING STAGE:  Is an existing swing stage available?

- Have I accounted for an additional ground person for safety?

- Has the sidewalk been zoned off?

- CRANES:  Is a road closure required?


Working Outdoors

- What is the weather like on the day of the scheduled installation?

- Is everyone involved in the project aware that weather is a controlling factor?

- Is direct or lack of sunlight a factor to consider?

- If so, have I planned accordingly? Is high wind a factor?  What about dust?

- Is rain, snow, hail a factor?

- Is wildlife a factor?  What about insects?

- Are pedestrians or other workers a factor?

- Is the temperature within acceptable limits?

- Have I reviewed and implemented a safety plan? ( see SAFETY )


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