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There are far more than 99 reasons a project could go sideways. Just ask yourself 99 Questions to avoid 99 mistakes!  Choose from the following categories to cover subjects relative to your project.

A FREE new tool designed by the:  Canadian Graphic Contractors

    99 Questions (99- Q) is a brand new tool designed for the advertising industry. It is especially beneficial for those new in Sales and Customer Relations in the Sign Industry. It has been said that the best teachers ask the best questions, so there are no answers here! By using this guide your way of thinking will change, your projects will flow more smoothly, your profit margins will increase, your client relations will improve and your team will love you.  What we have discovered over the years is that the advertising industry is a very REACTIVE world, with extremely tight timelines and high client expectations.  So we, the team at Canadian Graphic Contractors, developed a tool that anyone can use to help PROACTIVELY control the outcome of their projects, before finding themselves in the oh too common... stressful situation.


The questions in this guide have been broken down into basic categories for easy reference. Remember, the more answers you get at the onset of the project the better your project will turn out.  Our hope is that users of this guide will help us improve the content so that we can ensure the guide is always up to date.   Enjoy the free guide!

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