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DIY - Installation Instructions

  We wanted you to feel confident about installing your Wrap Haus  Custom Wall graphic yourself, so we’ve included a couple of important steps to help you prepare for an optimal final product.  Please follow these guidelines:


CONFIRM YOUR ORDER:  Unpack and double check your graphics to confirm proper size and print.  Wrap Haus Custom Wall graphics will have a 1 inch overlap between panels and will come with a 1 inch bleed (extra material) all around. (This means your graphic will be 2 inches taller and 2 inches wider than request.  Excess material should be cut off afterwards with a sharp knife.)  If there are any irregularities such as incorrect material type, material produced to the incorrect size, or major deficiencies in print please contact Wrap Haus Customer Support at 1-844-992-7435 or send us an email at:


PREPARE YOUR WALL:  We recommend that you use 70% alcohol (or more) to lightly wipe down the wall area getting the wall graphics.  Use a sharp knife to remove any small bumps on the wall as these will show through the graphic.  You should fix any damage to the wall before installing a graphic.  This includes ensuring it is properly primed with paint and cured.  Use the proper personal protective equipment to mitigate any potential accidents or injuries. Remove any items in your way from your work space.


INSTALL YOUR GRAPHIC:  Please watch your FREE DIY installation video we created for you above.  If after watching the video you don't feel confident installing your Wrap Haus Custom Wall, we recommend that you contact our office to setup an appointment and have a certified installer help you out.  Most of our clients manage to install the small, medium and large graphics themselves.  Full wall wraps are more difficult and require professional installation.  We do not recommend doing this yourself.

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